Join in the Journey – Ecotours in Honduras

MCHF is partnering with Beak & Peaks, a Honduran ecotourism company, to provide excursions to Honduras which will raise funds for migratory bird programs.  We hope you will consider supporting this unique conservation legacy by joining a journey!  Airfare costs are in addition to the 2017 tour prices you see below.  For more information, please contact Cynthia Hawcroft, MCHF staff, at 573.522.4115, ext. 3347 OR    Visit Beaks & Peak’s website for complete descriptions of each trip.

Why raise funds for conservation outside of Missouri?

Did you know that 58 species of “Missouri’s” birds leave the U.S. during the non-breeding season? That these birds actually spend up to 8 months outside of Missouri’s borders? Some of our favorite songbirds that we enjoy throughout the summer face many threats along their migratory path and on their wintering grounds, including Mexico, Central America, and South America. In Central America, where most of our breeding Neotropical birds overwinter, habitat is removed at an alarming page through deforestation for development and unsustainable agricultural and grazing practices. Pair those threats with countries with high poverty rates, and you can see why conservation is a luxury that most families and economies in this region can’t easily afford.

Bird conservation efforts in this region need our help! Regardless of these challenges, hard-working bird conservation groups and landowners in Mexico, Central America, and South America push back against these threats and are finding ways to protect birds and their habitats by preserving tropical forest, researching habitat needs of migratory birds, and incentivizing sustainable land-use practices. All projects in this region are vetted on-the-ground by American Bird Conservancy and approved by the Southern Wings Technical Committee so you can rest assured that your funds are well-spent.

You can assist in these inspiring conservation efforts on Neotropical migrant birds’ wintering grounds in these ways:

  • attend one of the bird tours through Beaks and Peaks Adventure Tours in Honduras listed below. A portion of the costs of these tours go directly to these conservation efforts.
  • donate directly to the Central American Habitat Projects Account via a MCHF donation!

Beaks and Peaks Tours

Beaks and Peaks is an ethically and ecologically responsible birding and adventure tour company based in Gracias Lempira, Honduras. Beaks and Peaks focuses on birding tours, but also caters tours to include cultural heritage and other aspects of their beautiful country. They work to boost their local economy and heritage by featuring the beauty charm of Honduras through their tours. Their willingness to lead tours to help raise funds for MCHF bird conservation efforts is just one example of their willingness to partner and care for migratory birds and conservation.

–        March 11–18 & October 7–14  Nice & Easy Birding: Birding in the Opatoro-Guajiquiro highlands, Cuero y Salado mangroves, Rio Santiago, at Lake Yojoa, and on Guanaja; $3135
–        March 4-11 & April 13-20, 2018  Birds of the Highlands and Lake Yojoa: Birding in La Tigra National Park, the Opatoro-Guajiquiro highlands, El Cedral, Lunda del Puente; $2825
–       May 20–27 & June 22–29  Adventure & Conservation:  Visit an ecotourism project;  Hiking, kayaking, swimming, and snorkeling in beautiful Honduran areas; $3115
–        November 4–11  People, Parks & Cultures:  Explore Mayan city Copán Ruínas, Finca Santa Elena and Lenca cultural experiences, La Fuente de Vida ecotourism project; Birding along the way; $2710
–        January 6–13 (2018)  Birds of the Lakes, Rainforests, Carribean islands:  Birding in Cerro Azul Meambar National Park, Pico Bonito National Park, Rio Santiago, Cuero y Salado Wildlife Refuge, and on Guanaja; $2825Blue-crowned Chlorophonia

Lovely Cotinga

Ferruginous Pygmy Owl