We are accepting RFPs for FY 2025. They are due October 1, 2024. 

The Missouri Conservation Heritage Foundation (MCHF) shall consider requests from the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC), outside nonprofits, governmental, and other non-governmental organizations which meet the following criteria and best utilize available resources. All projects must be consistent with the missions and objectives of MCHF and MDC. Project approval is based upon availability of unrestricted and undesignated funds.

We will consider funding projects which:

  • Contribute to the mission and goals of the MDC
  • Promote conservation including species and natural community management and restoration, stream quality, good forest management practices, and watershed health
  • Promote hunting, fishing, and other outdoor skills, and recruit new outdoor users
  • Promote awareness, understanding and appreciation for Missouri’s natural resources and conservation heritage
  • Attract and engage new and existing partnerships and leverage funds

Download Request for Proposals Application

Award grantees must comply with reporting protocol.

Download Report Template